What is Park Hop?

Park Hop is a summer-long scavenger hunt developed in partnership with all of Greenville & Spartanburg's parks & recreation agencies. This adventure-themed scavenger hunt encourages children and families to visit featured parks throughout the summer while searching for answers to clues within each park. Participants can earn cool prizes by visiting parks! In 2021, we will be launching the 8th annual Park Hop.

How can I sign-up to participate in Park Hop 2021?

You should have received a prompt when you opened the Park Hop app to provide your information to sign-up for the summer-long Park Hop program. If you filled out the information, you are now registered to participate! If you have not signed up yet, click on a clue to create your account.

How can I participate if I do not have a phone?

You can soon download and print the Paper Passport. Once you have completed answering your clues, simply return the paper passport to:
Greenville County Recreation
4806 Old Spartanburg Rd.
Taylors, SC 29687
Call (864) 467-3324 if you have further questions.

Do I need to register each child that is participating?

If you completed the sign-up form on this app, all participating children are already registered. Please complete only one scavenger hunt clue form per family. This form will ensure that each child is eligible for the prize drawings. For example, if you have two children registered to participate and you complete clues for 10 parks on one form, both children will be eligible for the 10 park prize drawings. If you choose to use the paper form of the scavenger hunt passport instead, you will need to register each child separately and fill out a form for each child. Please visit parkhop.org for more information.

Is there a deadline to sign-up for the 2021 Park Hop?

You and your family can begin the scavenger hunt soon. Note that the final day to submit your answers is September 7th. When the clues are released, complete the clues at your own pace.

How do I get started with the 2021 Park Hop scavenger hunt?

Soon, the clues will appear on the home screen of the iOnGreenville app May 15th. This will be a full list of the 2021 Park Hop parks. You will be able to see the park location and description with the closest park location listed first. Once you are at the park location, go to the park list and click the ‘Get Clue’ button to open the question for that park. Search the park for the clues and submit your answers.

How do I submit my clues?

As soon as you hit the submit button on your clue, your answer for that park is submitted. We will keep track of your clues for the entire summer.

What is the deadline to complete the scavenger hunt?

All clues that are answered on the app by September 7th at midnight will be counted toward prize eligibility. You do not have to complete all clues to be eligible for prizes!

Who is eligible to win prizes?

Children 18 years old and under are eligible for prizes. All Children must be listed under your account. You can view and manage your account details here.

What are the types of prizes?

Every child who visits at least 5 parks will receive a Park Hop drawstring swag-bag. Every child who visits at least 10 parks will receive a Park Hop t-shirt. Every child who visits all 15 parks will receive the Park Hop swag-bag, t-shirt, and more TBD

How do I receive my 2021 Park Hop prizes?

Prizes will be awarded in mid-August at the Park Hop Closing Celebration. Date TBD